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25th April 2011

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Toasting Lucio Fulci with a Caipirinha!

As an ode to The Terror Teams recent commentary of Lucio Fulci’s 1979 film ZOMBIE, whose setting was a tropical island, I thought what better way to commemorate such a moment here in CruellasConcoctions than to talk about a semi-obscure cocktail known as the Caipirinha!

The Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil and has become more popular and more widely available in recent years. This is largely because of the rising availability of first-rate brands of Cachaça outside Brazil. The International Bartenders Association has designated it as one of their Official Cocktails and believe me kittens, this drink packs a wonderful punch!


This is how we do it up in the Crypt:

2 oz of Cachaça, the Crypt’s preference is Leblon but ANY will do.

1 Lime

2 Tsps white sugar


In a large rocks glass add 2 tsps of the freshly squeezed lime. Add the sugar, crush and mix with a spoon or a muddler. Add ice and mix in well so ice gets coated with lime and sugar mixture thoroughly. Pour in the Cachaça, stir and enjoy! Viva la Liquor and bottoms up kittens!

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