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14th February 2012

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Attack the Block with UV drink in hand

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and watch Attack the Block with Brian Solomon of The Vault of Horror and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this flick from Shaun of the Dead producers. I really enjoyed the minimal CGI feel that the aliens had and even though at times I had a difficult time understanding what the hell they were saying, my interpreter was on hand to ensure I wouldn’t miss any key moments. ( Thanks b_sol!) One thing I did get a real kick out of was the glowing green teeth which replaced the general tired glowing eyes most evil and ominous creatures typically have. So with this in mind I thought—Cruella, you should totally do a cruellasconcoction blog post with a cocktail that reacts under UV light and what better way than with using tonic water?

Tonic water is made from quinine which is a bitter tasting soda like water and is made from the bark of the Cinchona tree found in the Andes Mountains. It was originally used to treat Malaria as it helped to reduce fevers and leg cramps. The interesting thing about Quinine is that it is also photochemical reactive which means it glows blueish white when exposed to ultraviolet or blacklights. The fluorescent quality is better the more tonic that’s used! Here’s a terrific little concoction that is sweet, simple and yes, kittens—UV reactive! I give you the Alien Fallout.

Here’s how we do it up in the crypt:
in a highball glass filled with ice pour 1 oz. each the following:

1 oz. Blue Curacao
1 oz. Tonic
1 oz. Midori
garnish with a gumdrop or your favorite sweet gummi treat
Serve to your fiends and make sure to turn off the incandescents and turn up the ultraviolets! Bottoms up and viva la liquor, kittens!

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